Who We Are


We are citizens of Grand Junction who take great exception to the way the Grand Junction, Colorado Area Chamber of Commerce is being run. The Grand Junction Area chamber is not your normal chamber of commerce. Unlike other small-town chambers, the Grand Junction Area Chamber does not exist to help local small businesses. Instead, it acts more like a partisan political group. It lobbies for detrimental policies and invariably recruits and financially backs bad — sometimes even horrifically bad — candidates for office. Moreover, the Grand Junction Area chamber engages in activities that harm our city. It bullies and and offends citizens and engages in activities that stick a finger in the eye of locally-owned businesses.

This site explains exactly what is wrong with the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce. It uses published, authoritative references to back up all information presented. If you are thinking of joining the Grand Junction Area Chamber, please read this site first.  The chamber’s activities over the last few years have created enough anger among Grand Junction citizens that joining it could actually be detrimental to your business. The very existence of this site is evidence of that.

To find out exactly why so many citizens take exception to the G.J. Area Chamber, read on.  

the latest: Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce continues to turn its back on local businesses, This time by hiring an out-of-state web developer to create its new “Buy Local Now” web page and mobile app. there are many local businesses that are Eminently qualified to do this work, but the chamber chose not to support them.

DISCLAIMER: The Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce is worried that people will think this is their official website. It’s not. If it was, it probably wouldn’t be so darned critical of them.