Who We Are


We are citizens of Grand Junction who take exception to how our Grand Junction, Colorado Area Chamber of Commerce is being run. The Grand Junction Area chamber is not your normal chamber of commerce. Unlike other small-town chambers, the Grand Junction Area Chamber does not exist to help local small businesses. Instead, it is a partisan political group wearing a chamber of commerce suit. It lobbies for detrimental policies and recruits and financially backs patently terrible candidates and  for office, some of whom are even criminals. The Grand Junction chamber bullies citizens and pays lip service to promoting small, locally-owned businesses while taking its own business out of town. How bad does the chamber have to get before its members and board take action to make it better?

This site explains in detail what is wrong with our Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce. It contains published, authoritative references to back up all information presented. If you are a business owner and are thinking of joining the Grand Junction Area Chamber, please read this site first and think again after you have read it.  The chamber’s activities have now upset so many Grand Junction citizens that joining it could actually be detrimental to your business. The need for this site is evidence of that.

To find out why so many citizens take exception to the G.J. Area Chamber, read on.  

BREAKING NEWS: Grand Junction Chamber supports Amendment 68, a gambling initiative brought by a Rhode Island Corporation that would change Colorado’s constitution to increase their profits and funnel Coloradans’ money out of state.

DISCLAIMER: The Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce is worried that people will think this is their official website. It’s not. If it was, it probably wouldn’t be so darned critical of them.